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5MFF (Five Minute Film Festival)

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5-Minute Film Festival (5MFF)
What is 5MFF?

Have you ever dreamed of making your own short film? 5MFF is a series of workshops and drop-in sessions that teaches participants how to create a short 5-minute film from start to finish. This leads up to the main event...a gala evening where your movie could be screened in front of an audience. Don't wish to attend the workshops and/or drop-in sessions? No worries, just submit your movie by the deadline for consideration.

The Screening Gala takes place Tuesday, Sept 17 at 4:00-8:00 PM at the Central Library. This is a main red carpet event. Popcorn and paparazzi. Feel free to wear your Armani and Dior.

Visit the program calendar and filter by event type to register for the programs leading up to the gala.

Please read these very important 5MFF Submission Guidelines and Terms and Conditions!