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Everything You Need to Know About Book Clubs


Community Book Clubs

Meeting Space

Each year the Pickering Public Library accepts applications from local book clubs that wish to apply for free meeting space. Please review the Community Book Clubs Policy for eligibility criteria and other application details.

Community Book Club Applications for 2020 will open March 2 at 9:30 AM and close April 17 at 5:00 PM.

Pickup Areas for Book Clubs in the Community

Do you run a book club within the Pickering community? Whether it be space, book club kits, reader's advisory, or interlibrary loans, we are here to help.
We now offer space for community book club members to pick up books for their book club meetings. The Central Library and George Ashe Library provide a space that book club leaders can use to leave books for their members to pick up. It can be used by any book club.
This shelf should make it easier to distribute books to your members that miss a meeting or can’t easily get to another location to pick up the next month’s great read. The current procedures for book club sets still apply: the leader checks out the book club set and returns it as a set. Once the book club set is checked out, the items for pick up can be labelled and left on the shelf. The shelf use isn’t limited to use by people who are using the book club sets, any book club can use it to distribute items.
Please note: The Library cannot take responsibility for items left on the shelf.

Book Club Sets
Tips for a Successful Book Club
Titles for Your Book Club
Client Initiated Interlibrary Loan (CIIL)