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Borrow Book Club Sets for Your Group


Book Club Sets

The Pickering Public Library has Book Club sets to make it easier for Book Clubs to get the books they need to run a Book Club meeting.

What is a Book Club Set?

A Book Club Set is a canvas bag containing 12 copies of the same title along with book discussion questions. Some sets have an added large print, audiobook or DVD copy where available.

How do I find and reserve a Book Club Set?

The Book Club Sets can be viewed and reserved on our Book Club Set Reservation page. There you can find a complete list of titles, availability information and you can reserve one or more Book Club sets.

How do I borrow a Book Club Set?

Go to the Book Club Set Reservation page and reserve a set. You can select the date that you would like for the reservation. You will be notified when the set is ready for pickup. Come to the library and borrow your set. Book Club Sets are checked out to the member of your book club who reserved the set. Sets are loaned for 6 weeks (no renewals). The person who checks out the set is responsible for ensuring the return of the entire set.

How do I return a Book Club Set?

Book Club Sets must be returned in person to staff (not through the drop-box) at any Pickering Library branch. The set is not considered returned unless the bag and all of the contents are returned to the Library.

What are the late fees and lost charges?

Late fees are 25 cents per day per item in the Set. ($1 each day for DVDs included in set). The Set will only be checked in if it is complete. If any part of the Set is not returned, regular lost procedures and charges apply. The person who checked out the set is responsible for any overdue or lost charges.

How can I print a list of titles that are available as Book Club Sets?

Book Club Kits are also listed in the Library catalogue. Click here to get a list in the catalogue of the Book Club Set Titles that can be printed. To print the list, click on the printer icon (top right corner of the screen).

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