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Tips & Resources for Your Successful Book Club


Top 5 Tips to Recruit New Members

  1. Facebook
    There are several Facebook Groups dedicated to Pickering residents that would allow you to advertise your book club. You can also try making a shareable post on Facebook to recruit new members to your book club. Making it shareable will allow the post to be shared by your friends to their friends. Be sure not to post any sensitive information like your telephone number.
  2. Meet Up
    There are a number of Pickering meet up groups that are full of active members. Someone could be looking to join a book club!
  3. Community Boards
    Community Boards never go out of style. Make a flyer to advertise your book club. Try adding what types of books you are looking to read, when meetings occur, etc. Again, be sure not to post any sensitive information on the flyer. These community boards can usually be found in the Pickering Public Library, grocery stores, coffee shops, or community organizations.
  4. Event Page
    You can create an event to make public on website like Eventbrite or Brown Paper Tickets. These sites will give your event visibility, but there may be fees associated with it.
  5. City of Pickering Community Page
    The City of Pickering will post your contact information on their website for free. This will allow community members to find your contact information when looking for local groups to join. Your information will be displayed on the Community Links page. E-mail [email protected] with your title, email, telephone number, and any additional information. Please ensure all information is correct.

Top 5 Sites to Help Make your Book Club Successful

  1. LitLovers
    This is a succinct but thorough guide for anyone serious about starting a Book Club group. Also check out the links on the sidebar for running an existing group.
  2. American Library Association
    The American Library Association has put together a comprehensive resource on starting and running a reading group.
  3. Penguin Random House Canada
    Another site with advice for starting your Book Club with some tips for keeping it interesting.
    Further advice and tips for improving and troubleshooting your Book Club; how to handle Book Club Divas, what to do with dead air in the discussion, fun Book Club activities, etc.
    This site provides a private website just for your Book Club. The leader of the group signs up and then adds the club members and meeting dates to the list. Members can check to see when meetings are, receive reminder emails and check to see what books are scheduled. Try it!

Top 5 Sites for Guides

  1. has a large selection of reading guides. Take a look.
  2. Book club discussion questions from
  3. Random House Reader’s Circle has a large selection of guides for their titles.
  4. Reading guides from Penguin Books.
  5. Book club resources from Simon and Schuster.

Additional Resources: