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5MFF Submission Form

Please ensure that you read the Submission Guidelines carefully.
Submission Guidelines:
• Film submissions must be no longer than 5 minutes
• All entrants must be thirteen (13) years of age or older before the date of submission deadline.
• Deadline for entry forms and film copies: Saturday, August 31st, 2019 at 4:59 PM EST
• Your film must be submitted on a streamable URL link. The link must remain accessible until the end of September 2019.
• All films must be submitted at a minimum of 720p resolution.
• Film submissions must be in digital format only (no analogue or film formats). Must only be in MP4, MOV, WMV format.
• All Film Submissions must adhere to OFRB PG Rating guidelines: Nudity, Course Language, Disturbing Content, Strong Violence, Hate speech or imagery, and Crude Content prohibited.
• Creators are permitted up to three (3) film submissions. Each entry must be accompanied by a separate Submission Form.
• All applicable licenses and waivers of copyrights, moral rights, trademarks and other such intellectual property rights have been secured by the filmmaker(s).
• All contributors (actors, directors, camera-persons, editors, etc.) must be credited at the beginning or end of film.
• There is no entry or registration fee.
• If your film has dialogue that is not English and is not subtitled, you must include an English dialogue script.
• Film submissions should contain warnings concerning such things as strobe lights, smoke, loud or startling sound effects, strong language, mature or disturbing content, etc.
• If your film is selected, a photo of the Director, as well as a short (max 300 characters) bio are required.

Acceptance of Regulations: By agreeing to and submitting the entry form for the Pickering Public Library 5 Minute Film Festival (5MFF), the participant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the present regulations as stated in this document.