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Management Team

Cathy Grant Chief Executive Officer
Email Cathy Grant
905-831-6265 ext. 6236

Elaine Bird Director of Support Services
Email Elaine Bird
905-831-6265 ext. 6231

Kathy Williams Director of Public Services
Email Kathy Williams
905-831-6265 ext. 6251

Tanya Sinclair Director of Human Resources
Email Tanya Sinclair
905-831-6265 ext. 6222

Pickering Public Library Board
Email Pickering Public Library Board

Colleen Bolin Manager of Operations
Email Colleen Bolin
905-831-6265 ext. 6234

Christy Harper Manager of Customer Services
Email Christy Harper
905-831-6265 ext. 6233

Doug Mirams Coordinator of Digital Services
Email Doug Mirams
905-831-6265 ext. 6258

Carolyn von Hasselbach Manager of Collections
Email Carolyn von Hasselbach
905-831-6265 ext. 6232

Christine Waida Manager of Support Services
Email Christine Waida
905-831-6265 ext. 6235

Luanne White Manager of Circulation
Email Luanne White
905-831-6265 ext. 6229

Sabrina Yung Manager of Community Engagement
Email Sabrina Yung
905-831-6265 ext. 6253