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Pickering Public Library Welcomes New CEO

Tanya Sinclair CEO

News Release

Pickering, Ontario – November 26, 2018: The Pickering Public Library is proud to announce that, as of January 1, 2019, Tanya Sinclair will become the new CEO, taking over from Cathy Grant, who has held the position since 2009.

Ms. Sinclair is a resident of Pickering and has over a decade of senior management experience leading public libraries. Tanya joined Pickering Public Library in 2009 after working for several years at the Brampton Public Library. Tanya has a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, studied Adult Education at Brock University and has worked as a professor for Centennial College and Durham College.

Tanya is passionate about lifelong learning and was instrumental in transforming the Pickering Public Library into an active learning organization. Her research article "Building a Learning Organization in a Public Library" was published in the Journal of Library Administration, and Tanya has spoken on this topic throughout North America.

According to the Library’s new CEO, “I believe libraries can transform lives. Today’s libraries are innovative social hubs for all kinds of learning, ranging from coding and adulting classes to early literacy programs. It is an honour to work with a dedicated Library Board, a supportive community, and a talented team of employees who are the heart of a learning organization.”

“The Pickering Public Library has a tradition of excellence, which will be well served with Tanya Sinclair at the helm”, says the outgoing CEO, Cathy Grant.


The Pickering Public Library serves a population of 91,333 in over 34,000 households and is situated near Toronto, Ontario on the north side of Lake Ontario. The Library is primarily funded through municipal contributions. The Library is comprised of one Central branch, one urban branch, and one rural branch. The Central Library was built in 1990 and the urban branch, George Ashe, opened in 2001.