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Ideas for Book Clubs


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Ideas for Book Clubs

Where to Find Ideas for Reading Selection

Now that you have your Book Club up and running, how do you continue to select titles and where do you get ideas for the discussion? Here are some of the many resources for you to check out.

  1. and are good sites for suggestions.
  2. has lots of recommendations with links to what other clubs are reading and free discussion resources.
  3. “Best 100 lists” are always a good way to find some reading suggestions. The American Library Association provides links to a number of these lists under the heading “Finding Book Ideas”.
  4. And if you still want more lists, take a look at London Public Library’s Book Club resource list under the heading “The Best”.
  5. If food is the focus of your group, is the website for you, whether you are looking for food for the book or books for the food!

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